IMRA Leinster League

Last Wednesday in Howth saw the second race of IMRA’s Leinster League.

Since I know the route well at this stage, I was hoping I’d run it a good bit faster than last time. Off I went at the start, pushing it as hard as I dared on the lap around GAA pitch and into the woods, but it wasn’t long before I started struggling to keep up the pace. By the end of the first lap, I’d lost a good few places, but was happy enough plodding along.

In the end, I finished it a minute and a half faster than last time, but slower in terms of percentage of the winner. Slow down there youse out front!

I live down the road from Howth, so I went up early and helped out with the registration by handing out the race numbers. It was funny still doing registration for the 19.30 start at 19.40, people running in a panic thinking they were late and me saying “I’m running and haven’t even changed yet, so you’re grand”. Nice to chat to Aisling too and do the whole bizarre “I know you from the Internet” thing 🙂

Top of the first ascent – taken by John Shiels

You can’t see it in the photo above, but at other points there was a clear sign of my future dilemma – lots of sailing dinghys out in the bay … It seems that Wednesday night is the night for sailing around Howth, so if I do buy a boat soon I’ll hardly make it to many more of the Wednesday night races.

Hopefully I’ll make it to Hellfire tomorrow night, but goodness knows what time I’ll have to leave work to get all the way over there for 19.30 ….


2 Responses

  1. Was great to meet you Mark! In the last year I’ve met a few bloggers who I only knew through the internet and it’s something I never explain to the kids….! “Oh yeah I met such and such on the internet”……..

    Good luck in Hellfire…….hopefully this lovely weather keeps up!

  2. Do you fancy doing a race report for Hellfire Mark? If so (no pressure if you don’t) let me know. It’s just a case of e-mailing it to Rene. Cheers!

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