Cardiff and Brecon Beacons Horseshoe Walk

Last weekend Catherine, Janina and I visited Vanessa in Cardiff.

Catherine and I went over Thursday morning and stayed in the lovely Vale Hotel in the Vale of Glamorgan, had a massage, wandered around the golf courses, ate, drank and generally just chilled out.

For the rest of the weekend we stayed in Vanessa’s place, close to Bute park in the centre of Cardiff.

On Saturday, Vanessa brought us for a classic Brecon Beacon’s walk where we started at the bottom of Craig y Fan Ddu, around and up to Fan y Big, Cribyn, Pen y Fan, Corn Du and back via the upper Neuadd Resevoir.

It was a long enough walk – maybe six hours at a decent pace – but we were rewarded by stunning view after stunning view. It’s hard to describe the geography of this area of the beacons … it’s like a series of peaks joined by a ridge, the north side of which is a pretty sheer drop and the south side made up by a series of glacial corrie. All that makes for lots of ups and downs and walking along cliff edges.

Cribyn – Humphrey The Camel

“Humphrey the Camel” … WTF? I can’t post that picture without also posting this:

Who’s at the top of Cribyn! – Humphrey The Camel

Strange goings-on seems to be the norm around here – just as we got back to our car, we could see a group of fell runners blithely tearing down the steep slope we had climbed at the start, while at the bottom one of their group was wildly waving his arms pointing another direction. Looks like they’d come down the wrong ridge and the poor buggers had to trudge back up and go down a different way to their cars.

Anyways, it was definitely one of the most enjoyable days walking we’ve had in quite a while. Our appetite has been whetted again for hard walks. Back to Lugnaquilla next weekend!


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