IMRA Winter League 2008 – Three Rock

Picture running along the muddy, boggy, rocky peak of a mountain. Picture running into a freezing cold gale of a wind. Picture not being able to look anywhere but your feet without getting a clatter of hail stones across the face. Well, that was what the mid-section of yesterday’s IMRA Winter League race at Three Rock in the Dublin Mountains.

The Final Stretch – Taken by John Shiels

As crazy as it sounds, though, I still enjoyed it immensely. It was much different from Howth in that it had a much more sustained uphill section, which I struggled to keep up a good pace on, but still a great experience. This one was definitely a “mountain run” instead of a “hill run” 🙂

After the mid-point, with our backs to the wind at last, it took me a little while to get my wits about me again after such a battering, but then I really enjoyed the long downhill section to the finish. I’m still happy with my time, even though it was a bit slower (percentage wise) than my Howth time.

I registered for car-pooling on IMRA’s website, which turned out to be a nice way to meet Fergal, Geraldine, Shane and David … even if they did have to push-start my car after I left the radio on during the race …

Fair play to the folks helping out with the organisation of the race yesterday – it was not a nice day at all to be standing out on the mountain directing people!