Comeragh Mountains

Over the weekend Catherine and I went for a really nice walk in the Comeragh Mountains. We set off from Mahon Falls car park, climbed up alongside the falls themselves, continued on up to Knockaunapeebra and “792” (the featureless high point of the Comeraghs) and onwards to the cliffs overlooking Coumshingaun Lough. From there we retraced our steps back to the falls, but returned to the car park via the ridge on the western side.

Mahon Falls

It was a fun walk, but the gale force winds and poor visibility made it more interesting than it usually would be. Also, the stretch from Knockauanapeebra to Coumshingaun was a bit of a trudge through bogland and bracken. It’s good to see that I’m not totally hopeess with a map and compass though 🙂

While we were munching on a sandwich above Coumshingaun – waiting for the clouds to clear so we could actually see the lough – we met the only other person we saw walking around there. It turns out he’d come up the ridge to the south of the lough and was returning via the north ridge. Sure enough, when the clouds cleared a bit the view over the lough was stunning and the ridge walk looked like a lot of fun. We’ll be back to do that one, I think …