Mountain Running in Howth

Today I went along to my first race organised by the Irish Mountain Running Association and had a ball.

I had bought a pair of Inov-8 Mudroc in Amphibian King back in October before the marathon and had only gone for a few trial runs up on the Ben of Howth in the last month. So, I was delighted when I saw that IMRA’s first run of the year was to be in Howth, on pretty much the same circuit that I was doing laps of.

(Picture from Inov-8 website – mine are far to mucky now!)

Verdict on the Mudroc – great grip on the muddy bits, seemed to drain water pretty quickly … thumbs up except that they cut the heals off me!

It was an 8.5k race, involving two laps of the course. I was a little worried about whether I’d be able to hold my own at all since looking at past times for the course, it seemed like most people ran it faster than I might hope to. Also, I knew that there was one really steep bit on the course that I knew I had to burst my lungs to run up each time I tried.

As soon as the race got started, though, I realized that the pace of the middle pack wasn’t too bad at all and I could well hold my own. And when we got to the steep bit early on in the first lap, I was very relieved to see everybody ahead of me walking up it. So I took the sensible option and walked up it for the first time …

The results have just been posted and I see that I finished in 47:47, which isn’t too bad, especially since it’s only 135% of the winner’s time.

Anyway, a great event, even if I was caked in mud by the end of it. Thoroughly well organised with them coping very well with 150 people wanting to register. Quite a few brave souls out in the cold, wind and rain marshalling us around the course. And, finally, a great bunch of people who don’t seem to take themselves too seriously at all, at all.

Looking forward to the Three Rock race on February 3rd!


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  1. Aw.. my original comment disappeared (I hit the wrong button). Just to say well done on the mountain race, great that you enjoyed it. What a coincidence..I’ve also done one of Bren’s mountain skills courses and loved it. Good luck with the rest of the IMRA winter league.

  2. Thanks Aisling! Looking forward to the rest of the WL, but the Navigational Challenge sounds like an intriguing series to aim for …

    Best of luck yerself with the snow race, Rotterdam and whatever other craziness you’ve planned 🙂

  3. […] I know the route well at this stage, I was hoping I’d run it a good bit faster than last time. Off I went at the start, pushing it as hard as I dared on the lap around GAA pitch and into the […]

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