IMRA Leinster League :: Corrig

I only decided at the last minute to go along to the Corrig race (I was supposed to be seeing a man about a boat – more on that later), so when I arrived at the car park of Scholar’s pub near Tallaght, it wasn’t just for selfless reasons I was looking to carpool … I hadn’t a clue where Corrig was 🙂

Sean O’Byrne was kind enough to give me a lift to the start, and it was definitely the most isolated run I’d been to so far. I don’t think I could find the place again if I went looking … Funny to arrive at a random forest track and see a little gazebo with a line of runners queueing up to register.

It was a fun race – straight up the mountain, down into a boggy saddle to another small summit, back across the bog again and then down to the start by a different route.

Me and Barry Dooley – taken by Colleen Robinson

I definitely didn’t have the energy in my legs to make a decent fist out of racing, but it was nice to have a sprint finish with Barry Dooley who I’d had a good chat with at the start line. Final result – 116th place, 46 minutes 31 seconds and a poor 146% of the winning time.

(Nice to see the IMRA site improving all the time with new features like “marked runners”, “this is me” and the much needed slideshow for the photos. Yay! 🙂


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