Dinghy Sailing

Over Saturday and Sunday this weekend I did the Irish Sailing Associations “basic skills” course at Sutton Dinghy Club and this morning I’m shattered, battered and knackered. I’m stiff all over, I’ve got matching lumps on either side of my head from the boom, my hands are red raw from the ropes and my knees are truly knobbled from scrambling around on the plastic deck of the pico.

Brilliant fun, though. Definitely the highlight was finishing up yesterday by heading out to sea – tacking upwind – into the waves that were breaking over the sand banks at the end of Bull Island. Incredible feeling to be keeping the boat close hauled, leaning out over the side, straining against the force 5 wind with your last bit of energy while waves come crashing over your back and the boat’s deck.

From talking to people, it sounds like the next step would be to buy a secondhand Laser, join a club and start racing. These boats don’t come cheap though, so we’ll see! 🙂


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