Tour du Mont Blanc :: Getting Home

Time to go home! Up at 06:00, we packed up everything for the last time, loaded up the van and had breakfast. At 07:00, we left the campsite, said our goodbyes to Liz and got on the bus with Charlie and headed down to Chamonix to pick up the hotel group.

The journey to Geneva airport was uneventful, with most people catching up on some kip, and at the airport we all parted with hugs and promises to meet again. Our flight wasn’t until later in the afternoon, so we just hung around the airport reading our books and killing time until we could check-in and relax in the business lounge.

Cathy Messin

Cathy Messin

By the time we reached home in Dublin, we were completely shattered and looking forward to some of our own home cooked food, a nice shower and a real bed with clean sheets.

We may have been tired, though, but both of us were already itching to get out the Exodus brochure and plan our next trip. I think we’re hooked on these adventure holidays …


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